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We are an Arizona based Fire and Safety company specializing in the Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems. We have in business since 2012 and have over 20 years of collective experience in the Fire and Safety Industry. 


We also specialize in installations, repair, code compliance, and violation abatement. In addition, we work formally with local Authorities Having Jurisdiction to rectify and resolve all issues to ensure your location remains in compliance. 


We offer very permanent solutions for preventative maintenance and place our customers on a recurring maintenance schedule, to ensure their locations are always up to date and in compliance; which is also a great feature to provide for insurance. 

Services we provide

  • Annual Fire Alarm Inspection and repair
  • Fire Alarm Tie in and monthly monitoring
  • Annual Inspection of Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Semi Annual Inspection of Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems and repair
  • Annual Inspection of Exit and Emergency Lighting and repair
  • Annual inspection of Fire Sprinkler Systems and repair


Coming Soon: Back-flow Prevention Systems: 

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